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Not sure if anyone outside the UK can see the video. There’s a tribute to the C64 at A few of us old fogeys like to think of Codea as a direct descendent of things like the C64.

you’re right, video doesn’t work…

Wow, thirty years. I wrote my first basic programs there and demos and intros later with assembler. Codea has really a similar feeling to me too… its fun to program with it :slight_smile:

I still have a C64 in the basement along with disk drives and everything else I had when it was being used. Maybe I should try it and see if it still works. Then again, if it doesn’t, my wife will make me throw it in the trash.

@dave1707 - Even if it doesn’t work, it’s always a great paperweight. BTW, that stuff can still be sold on Ebay, even if it doesn’t work.