Free tile-able 2d textures from Pixar..

Quite an old set that used to be shipped with RenderMan - although I figured these would still be useful for anyone who wants to do some 3d (or 2d!) development work with Codea and are looking for some additional texture resources:

These are all 1k and tile-able and above all - Free! Usual copyright disclaimers under CC 4.0, but can be used for commercial use if you give a credit etc…

p.s. The other useful one I use is - still probably one of the best texture resources on the net - although the higher resolution textures are only available to subscribers.

Hope this of use! :smiley:

Nice. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing those @andymac3d

I really like some of the textures here:

Unfortunately I’m on a Mac and don’t have Windows emulation so I can’t use their proprietary viewer, so I can only view the 512 x 512 preview. 512 x 512 is still plenty for lots of uses though. It says they’re “free”, but I can’t find any more in-depth info about licensing on the site.

Anybody else got texture resources to share?

It might be worth noting that if you have a 3D game and some skill with shaders/3D lighting, you can use CrazyBump to generate very high quality bump maps for your textures. It’s $99 for Windows, but I thought I should bring it up because the Mac version is currently in open beta, and you can download it for free.

Nice! I get a lot of my stuff (art and music) from