Free Graphics for your projects

Hey All,

Just want to share some free graphics for your projects in this thread :slight_smile: I think they might be useful for some of you anyway :slight_smile:

All are free to use in commercial apps/games


( Just Grabbing a few links from my site)

I would appreciate if you could answer my question in the “how much money…” thread? Or was it just some strange kind of humor when you claimed those huge revenues?

@Jmv38 Replied :slight_smile: & I never claimed huge revenues of any sort…, Lets keep specific threads clean please - If you need something from me, Send me a PM

Free platfomer pack:

Download link:
(Apologies for the download process, I’m working on setting up a Dropbox account and uploading all of this)

Free running Knight:

Check out for some cool resources (Right click and save image to downloads on mac, It’s a gif - not possible to download on iPad as far as I know)