Forum Bug

So when I go to search for something in the custom search, every time I hit the page numbers at the bottom to change pages, it brings up “facetime audio” and “add new contact”

@CodeaNoob I tried it and I have no problem with the page numbers with the search. But then I’m on Codea 2.2 beta version. So we’ll have to see if others report your problem.

On my iPad, or on my PC with Firefox, I have no problem, and I have never seen that message. It sounds like malware to me, rather than a forum bug.

I get the same bug on my iphone and ipad

Doesn’t happen every time, I think its when there is only one page of results.

why then would you need to change pages, if there is only one page of results?

Tried it with a couple of 1 page results and didn’t have any problems.