Forum ''back'' bug

I use the forum reading every updated post: they are marked in the start page with a yellow text indicating the new replies. I click and when i’ve read i click the back button to go back to the forum start page. But many times (1 out of 3?), the start page is all messed up: the posts are not in the good order. I have to close the forum and start it again to get the correct order. Could this small problem be solved? Thanks.


I have similar problems using the back button, but after reading a post I press the discussion button at the top. That clears the yellow indicator of the post I just read and redisplays the other unread posts correctly.

Probably the forum isn’t set up to mess with the back button on your browser. Some sites force the browser to reload them if back is pressed but others say, “Sure, use whatever’s in the cache.”. You could argue that the forum ought to force a reload but maybe it doesn’t feel that way.

Yes, I just hit the Discussion link rather than the browser’s back button.

Fine, i’ll use the dicussion link. Thanks for the advice.