For all those who have trouble with the maths in Codea


Bill watterson sure knew how to make comics, I don’t think I ever stopped reading the Calvin and Hobbes collection!

yeah, imho he is the best comics creator of the last century, for humor-sensitivity. For the 19th century i would vote for the author of ‘little nemo’.

@Jmv38 I have not read many earlier comics than before the first world war, they’re one thing that hasn’t changed much over the years! I like the humour style of Calvin & Hobbes I want to find some more similar to that.

@luatee if you have a chance to put a hand on little nemo from Windsor Mackay, do it. that guy just invented everything i had ever read in comics, but before everybody, at the turn of the century, with an amazing style and sensitivity. I just could not believe it when i discovered him! So modern.

I shall take a look, thanks for the name!

Apparently, Watterson was inspired by Krazy Kat, Peanuts and Pogo, among others.

I used to love Peanuts but find it a bit obvious now. Pogo is just lovely and zany, and I have a couple of books.

Krazy Kat (my nickname and picture come from the mouse, Ignatz ) is quite weird, and I have never quite understood it.

But Calvin and Hobbes is just the best. I have all the books and I still follow the online strip every day anyway.

@Luatee talking about mice and cats, in a very unique style, have you read ‘Maus’?

@Jvm38: +1 for “Maus”. (Though I have a weak spot for Belgian comics, overall.)

@Jmv38 I did start reading Maus, wasn’t my thing really, just didn’t find a mouse family that is living through a holocaust very catchy. You know? Compared to the talking tigers and super heroes/villains maus doesn’t fit in well :-)) No I’m not sure why but I didn’t settle in with that book.

@Ignatz Krazy Kat is good, I read them on random occasions but I just can’t seem to find anything just as good as Calvin & Hobbes, it’s a work of art from the first page of the first book to the last page of the last book.

@Jmv38 - what about Asterix?

That’s a bit closer to home. :wink:

Lol. I click on a discussion entitled “For all those who have trouble with the maths in Codea” and what do I see? A discussion about the best comics of course. This community is the best :)>-

@Ignatz you know about Asterix? Surprising. Asterix is an excellent comics but it is litterally stuffed with humorous wordplays based on french langage that are mostly untranslatable, and on auto-derision about french culture common places… So in other langages you get the story, but not the biggest part of the book interest. Once i read an Asterix version in german and felt so sorry for the readers…

@Jmv38 - actually, the English versions are stuffed full of puns and wordplay too. That’s what makes them so funny. (But I guess it’s best in French).

@ignatz maybe the english translators understood it all and made a really good job. I’ll read an english one to check that.

@Jmv38 - try this one, eg p6

@ignatz i started a compared reading, english vs french.�rix%20et%20Ob�lix%20by%20florentfr62/Ast�rix%20-%2016%20-%20Asterix%20chez%20les%20Helvetes.pdf
It is quite interesting, because i can see the english version tried to keep the spirit of the text, but 50% of the puns are completely different, because untranslatable. However they are quite funny still.

the link i’ve put in above post does not show up in my safari ios7 browser. The videos dont show either. Anyone known what the problem is?
@Simeon is this a problem with vanilla + ios7?
[edit] : answer to next post below. Lol ! This was not the point :stuck_out_tongue:

@Jmv38 - if we keep this conversation going, we’ll both hit 2000 posts in here :wink: