I am looking for a font that has a checkmark symbol.

According to the online help:

…For iOS devices, this can be one of the following:


First, this font doesn’t show up in the dropdown menu for fonts (as well as other fonts listed).
Do I need to download the fonts somehow?

Secondly, I typed in the font and experimented for quite a bit but no checkmark was found.
I didn’t try all of the combinations as they all seemed to draw the default characters.

Trying to save time and effort, I thought it might be best to ask here in case someone has
already discovered it.

Thanks for any help that may be provided.

You could try the AppleColorEmoji font:


text(“?”, WIDTH/2,HEIGHT/2)

(You need to enable the Emoji keyboard from your system settings)

That works perfect. Thank you for the example.

This leads me to another unrelated question that I will ask in another thread.