Floats to index tables?

Can I use a float (decimal number) to index a table, so tbl[2] is different from tbl[2.5]?

Turns out you can’t.

Works fine:

function setup()
   x[2] = "hi"
   x[2.5] = "there"

This prints:


in the output area.
The only object you can’t use as a table key is “nil”.

Let me add, you cannot use x[2] and x[2.0] however, because internally 2 = 2.0 because Lua’s numbers are only floating point (there’s no separate integer type). Which in turn implies that all numeric table keys are floats.

I understand that, I didn’t use print or anything to test it but it failed to work in a for loop even with index[i-0.5] I changed it to a whole number anyway