First time user needs assistance!

Hello everybody! My name is mike and I am very interested in coding. I’ve been looking at the how-tos for beginners (about coding) and much of it does not make sense. What would you recommend me learning first to establish a good basic knowledge of coding?
Thank you very much for your time!

I would say to look at examples of some small code that is submitted here. Copy them and add comments to every line to try and understand what is being done. Try making minor changes just to see what happens. By digging thru existing code, you’ll not only understand what is happening, you’ll will also see the techniques they use.

Look also to the codea for children tutorial on the wiki

I’d have to agree with both of these guys, but I’m also starting a weekly Codea Tutorial E-Mail, Comment if ur interested.

@CodeaNoob How about posting that weekly tutorial to the boards so everyone can use and discuss?

Thank you dave1707 I’ll be doing that tomorrow! I’ll also look at the codea for children, and CodeaNoob I am interested in the weekly Codea Tutorial E-mail. That sounds like it’ll be very helpful.

I agree that it would be very helpful to have some tutorials that go beyond the few beginner tutorials currently available. I am happy to help.

i must agree tutorials are nice.

rather than email, how about a forum “announcement” area that we could all check as needed. I check the forum all discussions at least once a day.

i thinks thats a more preferabble idea @CodingOnNapkins

i really wish someone does a youtube series or continues the beginner tutorials, i too am new but extremely interested in codea :slight_smile:

The Youtube series and forum announcement are both great ideas for beginner tutorials. I really want to learn a good base of knowledge before I go further with coding.

Im also a beginner, but would love to help others with the knowledge i have. And i will put it in the forums.

Sweet any time soon?

Writing first issue now?

Issue #1 Preview is published now