first program help

Hi all,
I’m trying to learn programming and Lua and am currently reading “codea for beginners” by ignatz

I’m stuck on something. if you have time please have a look.

I have uploaded a screen grab from my ipad as far as i can tell other than different variable names its the same as the example code in the tutorial but it breaks at line 38 with the error (attempt to perform arithmetic on global ‘ballonshapeX’ (a nil value) ?

I’m hoping its something obvious that one of you more experienced programmers will spot straight away.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It’s a spelling error/typo: you’ve got ballonshapeX instead of balloonshapeX. You’ve got the same problem on the next line as well, with ballonshapeY.

Doh! :">

Thank you, I have re read that 100 times and not noticed…

thanks again