First Codea Article

If you’re interested in how an infamous Agilist goes about learning Codea and building an app incrementally, check out the first article of a planned series on my web site, at

Doubtless I will do a bunch of dumb things: I prefer to believe that most of us do. My article style is to publish all the missteps, so readers can see what really happens, not the tarted up version. I hope you’ll enjoy the series and I welcome comments. I’ll turn them on, if they aren’t on already.


I’m looking forward to this! But the function is touched, not touch. Oh, and the : operator is equivalent to myClass.draw(myClass, ...). It automagically inserts a parameter called self, as the class.

Ah thanks on touch vs touched. Will edit when I get home. Yes I understand dot vs colon, now. Too many years of typing dot I guess :slight_smile:

I really enjoyed reading your article @RonJeffries. Looking forward to where it leads.

Btw, you can use dot if you design the class with that specification…

tell me more about using dot. don’t i need : to get the instance sent in?

The : is just a shortcut to pass the instance in. You could also use the dot if you explicitly pass your table/user data as the first argument.

I made an attempt to explain it here: