Fireworks effect

Just started playing with Codea and lua and i’m loving them.
So this is my first project, a particle effect simulating fireworks. It’s not totally finished, among some minor tweaks i’m looking for ways to improve the performance so any suggestions are welcomed.

Great smoke effect

Wow that looks brilliant.

Wow, that’s very impressive!

Love it. Good transparency, nice smoke, gravity affected (which amused me tremendously). Had to fight my ipad back after just showing my little girls. :slight_smile:

Played with it some more, the smoke is really clever. And didn’t notice that gravity affected it first time around.

Wow. This is the First Programm that Looks like Reality. I Love it! Dont understant anything of it, but i Love it. By the Way, i like the varity of enchangements you can do, such as Air resistance, smoke, number of particles, the colors, …

Played around with this and it’s cool. Simple code making something pretty on the screen.

I think it’s the first project making good use of backingMode(Retained).

I’ve worked this into a slightly more general setting where it can be used as a “celebration” effect in another program. You can see the result in this movie: (the program uses some beta features, though not in the firework adaptations).

I really like this firework effect and would like to use it a lot. I like to make my projects fairly freely available (actually, my Codea stuff is as good as public domain). Could you officially licence this code with something so that I can include it in my code? (Doesn’t have to be public domain, just something that allows modification and distribution, I include attribution in the code - a link to this discussion at the moment, if there’s something better please say so).

(PS I should also add that, just like Bortels, this is a favourite for my daughter. She likes confusing the poor program by placing her whole hand on the iPad and watching the result. I might put a cap on the number of simultaneous fireworks!)

Haha. AWSOME! It’s just I cant download the code because it’s in a .Codea file. Movie looks AWSOME. I’m always looking for another entry into my compitition. Mabel make a game where you have to be a plane flying overhead, or being a UFO trying to sneak by earth and if your hit by a firework, the humans find you IT’S AWSOME!

A reminder - will decode .codea files into something you can copy-and-paste.

Got the code.

It’s addicting. This is amazing. When 1.3 comes out with CFRX, you should add an “Ooh” and “Ahh” sound effect. Of I will. :smiley: