Find the gem

This is a Little Game i wrote yesterday. Its not finished yet, the multitouch is not includet, but i thought i share the idea :wink: comment if you have suggestions, feedbacks are always Great!!

Looks interesting! I guess you will make the chests move to make it harder. How about trying one of the font classes to do the words?

How do you mean “make the chests move”?
If you mean they move without the User touching them and confusing the user, well, i programmed this Game for 2 players, so one is confusing the other :slight_smile:
But i can try to make a version for One player too ( maybe i make another options-screen for selecting one or two Players), but this is gona be more work :wink:

I didn’t realise it was for two players… :slight_smile:

New version, doesnt Start moving so late and moves more smoothly (does this Word exist?)