feature request: Numberpad input

I read here (number 27) that apple may reject your app if it shows the full keyboard when asking for a number (as in the seed for acorn mayhem) as well as I have to specify that it requires a number on the button acorn mayhem menu so it would be great if there was an option to show a numberpad in codea (especially if it also converts the ascii to a number :slight_smile: )

perhaps it could be showKeyboard(NUMBER), or something like that.



@pleiser I requested something like that about a year ago.

@pleiser Make that almost 2 years ago. See the link below.


@pleiser I guess you could make your own keyboard, or adapt @dave1707โ€™s keyboard class to show only a number pad.

My UI suite contains a number pad. You would have to either adapt it to standalone or use it via my UI (which is modular so you only have to load the numberpad).

https://gist.github.com/loopspace/5611552 for the UI and https://gist.github.com/loopspace/5611534 for the touch handler.

(NB @dave1707 thereโ€™s also a customisable keyboard in there)