Feature request: Folders in dropbox assets

Not sure if this is possible, but my dropbox is absolutely cluttered. Is it possible for Codea to create folders with the dropbox api? If so then having folders would be a very quick way of getting to the sprite you need, especially when you get towards 200+ sprites used for various projects.




@Luatee it’s possible to move many of those sprites to individual projects now.

That said I agree folders would be good, can you add it to the issue tracker as a feature request?

@Simeon I see that was added recently, I’ll probably get round to doing that soon enough as it’s much more accessible. Added request to issue traker.

Hi @Luatee, @Simeon,

This already works if you create sub-folders on your Mac under ~/Dropbox/Apps/Codea then sync back to the iPad, e.g.


Fortunately the Dropbox sync seems to sync anything in that dir from your Mac…

This is fantastic as I have 155 assets for our first game and I really didnt want to start mixing them all up with subsequent games…

It does mean you cannot easily add stuff using the pasteboard if you are only on iPad, but its still darn useful,

Hmmm…does also mean you have to know the names of everything as nothing will show up in popup chooser…