FAQ for commonly asked programming questions

The need for this came up today in this thread

I’ve set up a Codea Programming FAQ page here

and linked to it from the bottom of the main wiki page.

Currently it just has two items, how to measure FPS and set a timer (the topic in today’s discussion). I’ve included help notes at the bottom on how to edit it (because all of us can edit it). I don’t mind if these items are reordered or edited, I just thought they were obvious topics, that’s all.

Can I suggest that we use this thread to notify everyone when the FAQ is changed, so we can ensure concensus (and maybe learn something new). I’ll rewrite this first post to provide brief instructions on changing the FAQ.

The advantage then is we can refer people to the FAQ instead of having to give the same answers over and over.

EDIT - I added a Code Snippets page, too.

Added some things to get going with the snippets section :slight_smile:


Cool, thanks!