FAQ Discussion

This thread is now for discussion of the FAQ.

+1 on text (actually, a lot more)… I want to create simple math and word games for my kid, I don’t want to draw all characters myself

Please add an option for plain text programs. Perhaps have a selection for Graphics/Text when you create a project.

If we get the text drawing API, then we can develop a library which simulates a console interface on the screen ( maybe combined with full screen ) :wink:

I wish Apple would make a touch version of Xcode. I am not looking for a full featured version just a scaled down version so I can bring my iPad with me when I travel instead of my laptop or iMac. That way I can still code lighter. And once I get home or near my laptop I ca plug in and do a final build and submit

Can anyone point me to programming tutorials. I really want to learn but don’t have the ash to take any courses I have the developer kit but not able to pay for 99 to get it going. I need the basics so I can get something started on codify pleas help

For codify, I recommend http://www.lua.org/pil/ along with looking at the example apps - that, along with the comments here, should be enough to get you going.

One thing to keep in mind - Codify is not a replacement for the developer kit. You cannot code standalone applications… yet. There is talk about open-sourcing the engine so you could make a standalone app at some point in the future, but I don’t expect that for a while…

@AutistasAngeles333 I found this helpful for programming in Codify: http://www.dev-hq.net/3-Lua/16-Hello-World

@Simeon, just a note that the FAQ “Can I share projects or get them off my iPad?” needs updating. You can now import and export projects as .codea files.

Oh, and great job to all at Two Lives Left on creating Codea! I’m having lots of fun learning Lua and Codea to prototype game ideas before spending more effort programming a more fleshed out game in Cocos2d-x :slight_smile:

@AutistasAngeles333 This is also Good —> http://lua.gts-stolberg.de/math.php

I have updated the FAQ on the Wiki according to this thread. And reformat the Wiki a bit to look better. Please check. Thanks.

Thanks, @bee, looks good!

I corrected the text of Qn2 on the wiki (it was a copy of Qn3, which would have been confusing).

(Should we separate the FAQ itself from discussion about the FAQ? Maybe the FAQ should be an closed discussion with only a single post, and the commentary in a separate thread. Might be less confusing for newcomers.)

Agree with Andrew. FAQ should be a closed and sticked thread with single post, like the roadmap thread.

Good point, I’ll rename this one and post it as a new thread.