[FALSE ALARM] Found a bug

So while I was goofing around and testing stuff from right to left; I think I might have found a bug with the current version of Codea.
So here is how I get it: If I set up a parameter to watch the HEIGHT of the screen and have a showKeyboard() at launch then when I view the HEIGHT parameter the app crashes, just closes. I got loads of parameters currently so it does not show at launch of the program, but if I scroll down to it then Codea freezes for 2-3 seconds and then closes.
I have tested around and this does only happen if I use the built in keyboard, so if I use a external keyboard then nothing happens. I.e. it does not crash.

It could be something else in my code that messes this up, but I am not entirely sure.
I am also very sceptical about finding bugs in programs like these, they are usually bug-proof. But you never know…

For the ones that wants to know: I am using an iPad mini.

Ok now I have tested a bit more, and it got to be something in my code that makes the app crash, not entirely sure how or why, nor what is causeing it.
I can recreate the crash in my project, but not if I create a new project.
So because I cannot entirely proof this I will call this a FALSE ALARM!
Go back to sleeping you, or whatever you have done. Either way; ignore this post!

I know you said to ignore your post, but I want to mention that my Codea crashes a lot, too. When I’m coding, every now and then, it starts glitching out and merges the text from all my different class tabs, then if I press play the screen is just black, and then I go back to my code and the app crashes. Usually restarting the app works, but I’ve learned to live with it.

@SkyTheCoder I understand, it would be great if you could get a crash log or something to send to the creator, so they could fix it quicker.

@SkyTheCoder I’ve experienced that a couple times too. Looking into it.