(fake) tilt shift effect?

Is there any way to fake(!) the tilt-shift-effect without(!) use of shaders, and at low memory cost? I thought about a cloud-like texture with a transparent blending… but when I tried this in Photoshop, it didn’t gave any usable result…

If Not, then how could it be implemented with shaders? And how would I use those applied to the whole(!) scene? (applied on top of all drawings on screen?)

Poor mans tilt shift is really easy - gaussian blur the top and bottom 25-30% of an image (with a fall-off towards the centre of frame).

Implementing this with shaders should be relatively straightforward, especially as theres a ‘blur’ demo that comes with Codea.

Obviously, this isn’t as accurate as doing a ‘proper’ 3d depth blur to simulate a narrow depth of field - but should do the job and get you half way there… :wink: