Extreme damping on physic bodies


I’m in an odd situation here. I’m trying to make a physics body that can be moved under extreme pressure, but be effectively static when the pressure isn’t as high.

The obvious solution is to set linearDamping and angularDamping to high values. But even math.huge makes the objects quite movable. Please see video, it’s probably clearer:


The black bodies are the ones with damping at math.huge (and gravity = 0), while the white ones have regular damping and gravity. A “little” pressure on the black bodies still moves them.

Does anyone know how to effectively increase the damping of a body so that they only move when pressure is reaaaally high (I have no better words)?


i think you might have to cheat and work around the physics system. Maybe make your heavy objects kinematic and then some kind of trigger to replace them with dynamic bodies (once some threshold is reached). Many physics engines have problems with extremes - for example, very light or very heavy objects.

Oh, good call. also, it could just be (quite obviously) that my objects are just too heavy? I’ll check…

A stab in the dark, but would increasing the mass of the black objects help?

so: changing the mass of the white objects doesn’t help.

I’ll check you suggestion @West!

changing the density seems to work! more after some tests

Alright, increasing the density does work perfectly, thanks a lot! :slight_smile: