Exporting Apps

Can I have some help please, i am very new to Codea and i have just exported my app onto my mac. I want to build it and give it to my friends so they can put it onto their devices (via iTunes) but whenever I build the app it takes while at first and it says ‘Build Succeeded’ and I can run it and play it on my mac. But whenever I go down to the ‘Products’ folder the MyApp.app is still red even though it built successfully! I have seen if the fake code signing would do the trick, but no it doesn’t! CAN I PLEASE HAVE SOME HELP!

-much appreciated, Harry

Do you know you cannot distribute apps without a developper license and submission to Apple? To distribute just to your friends you can use the ‘testFlight’ service on the web (not from apple) but you need the license anyway plus your friiends ipad UDID to compile the app for each of them.