Exported Project Bug-fix

This post is for anyone who is writing their own Codea Addons or using the ones on our Github page.

The exported Xcode project from Codea contains a file called luaconf.h. This file has a bug and should be replaced by the one here: http://codea.io/lib/luaconf.h

It effects the results of functions like luaL_checknumber and causes them to return incorrect values.

The exported project template will be fixed in Codea 2.2 (unfortunately it didn’t make 2.1.1)

Awesome, thanks @Simeon !

@Simeon, excellent! By chance does this also fix luaL_openLib?

@JakAttak what’s happening with luaL_openLib?

@Simeon, I’m not sure exactly, but as I mentioned here, it causes a crash under certain circumstances.

Ah, I remember. I guess you could give it another try (using the original game center addon which makes use of openlib)