Expansion - A small town building game

One day I thought about a small game where you had limited profits and had to build a town. Then I thought “I’m gonna make that.” So I did. Ad here it is, Expansion. You start with a small grassy area with $50 and one shop for money, bringing in $5 per second. Save up and buy more shops, trees, flowers, houses, courts, churches, windmills, battle towers, and mines as you like. (Pay taxes, too. :stuck_out_tongue: ) Build your town from the ground up and take a screenshot to show you friends your masterpiece. (Sadly, no town saving. :frowning: )

Installer: https://gist.github.com/SkyTheCoder/5979558

Code: https://gist.github.com/SkyTheCoder/421ada49b89d52f38449

By the way, if you want to edit this and make it your own, change it enough to really qualify as a separate game. Once I’ve worked on this more, I hope to put it on the App Store. :smiley:

I’m getting an invalid buffer name.

No longer relevant.

@Aalok Thanks.

Oh, right, saving stuff is broken…still didn’t work after I restarted Codea.

Thanks. I’ll try it out.

No longer relevant.

@Zoyt I edited the post to contain the gist.

This worked fine for me. I had to restart codea after using the installer but I think that is a known issue.

FYI For being done in less then 24 hours, this looks sweet. Nice Job.

Derp, I was using the name 1aExpansion instead of Expansion and overwriting my code, and forgot to change the ProjectName variable…

The code you posted works for me.

I couldn’t help it… Here’s my first town:
I really couldn’t help it:

I seem to make a bunch of towns that are all exactly the same…

My cookie-cutter towns

They each have at least one of every building available, the perfect cookie-cutter towns.

Lol @zoyt. Very creative :slight_smile:

If you want to add your own buildings, there’s a template below the masses of building data. Just copy the template, paste it at the end of the building data table, customize it, and it’s in-game. Very simple. :wink:

Yeah, you get money pretty quick… It used to be even quicker, but I nerfed it. I hated games where it took you about five minutes just to get enough money to buy another shop, though… You can tweak how much money buildings cost and how much their incomes are at the top, it’s simple enough.

@Zoyt I made the same town. It was so easy, and now I’m so rich

@SkyTheCoder, yup I saw that…


Clickable Link


Wow, I just tried it and I got four hundred and fifty thousand dollars in about three minutes…

@SkyTheCoder - I forgot to mention this:
In case you didn’t know, you can easily save your town data. Look here:

@JakAttak Haha, you can see I removed scientific theory from your money and income, but not in the building chooser…

@Zoyt Dang, I wish I could add that but then it would be over twenty-four hours… I’ll make a copy that’s not. The original stays within twenty-four hours. Expansion+