Code is posted on CC

data taken from here:

(thanks to Jmv38 for the earth mapping code)

Very cool! Thanks!

Thats awesome Ignatz!

Very Nice!!!

Great Stuff! :smiley:

Very great but nobody live in south america, perhaps slower in the area where a lot of member live for more visibility

I can clarify, I don’t think my named or red dot showed up.

@Prynok - no, you don’t show up if you include your name in that forum thread. I had to make a list of names and look up all the longitudes and latitudes manually.

@Ignatz Oh, okay! This is still pretty neat though! I never knew I was that close to other Codea users!

@ignatz. impressive, and shared my country

@ignatz that is really cool! It give some life to these city names… And makes the earth quite small!

@ignatz what is the name of the proyect ?

Sorry, it didn’t upload properly, try this


Don’t forget to set your longitude at top of the code, before running it

@ignatz. ready, and put my location, very excellent the code!!!

I’m the only person in south America !!! :open_mouth:

Finally the video showed up!!

Looks awesome Ignatz!! Nice project…

I’ve updated the list of users with those that added their names recently


@Ignatz can you make it so people can add their own names to the gist (possibly only once, with use of ip address, not sure if it’s possible with gist) so it can update in realtime by grabbing the list?