I haven’t been able to spend as much time coding lately as I would like, but I have been knocking around one project I hope to get out soon.

Endless is a “roguelike” adventure game where you troop through randomly generated levels facing… well, endless numbers of monsters, discovering endless keys, opening endless chests, and descending endless staircases to the next level. Each level has a different sets of creatures, with difficulty that is always increasing. Likewise, weapons become more powerful and your character’s abilities increase.

I’ve stripped the statistics down to a bare minimum (attack, defense, health) so at the moment there are no ranged weapons or magical attacks. I hope to work those in later. At the moment, all the graphics come from standard sprite packs. I’ll improve on that with time, but don’t really have plans to take this beyond the traditional 2D view…

Hopefully, I’ll get an initial version out in the next week or so. Soon you too can discover a Balanced Sword of Unyielding Vorpalness and face off with a Deadly Whispering Spider.

Suggestions are welcome.


Wow! Looks awsome! Can’t wait to play it!

That looks incredible @Mark! You always make brilliant user interfaces for your projects. Love the unexplored/fog effect too.

Is there an update to that link? It doesn’t work anymore. I’d love to see how the fog is working.

I would like to see what was there. Could you update the link please? :slight_smile:

+1 for restoring the link as well please :slight_smile:

Sorry that I’ve let this dangle for so long. I got involved in ChipBots and now BullPuckey and left poor Endless gathering dust.

I’m happy to share the code, but WARNING it’s a long way from production quality. Large parts (floor design, creatures, are essentially placeholder code. However, the simple lighting model is there for dissection.



and thanks from me too :slight_smile:

Note that the lighting system, as it stands, is completely “dumb.” As in, brightness depends only on distance from a torch and isn’t occluded by obstacles, including walls.

I had intended to make things more sensible by expanding the range but limiting visibility behind obstacles. Just never got around to it.

It says there is a error with the link for mine, any help?

@CodeaNoob, everything is working for me:

Hey @Mark, I’m getting a blank screen when I run the code. Does Codea take a bit to warm up or have others experienced similar troubles? Thanks again for posting this.

Should pop right up. I suspect that it could be the old “tab order” problem.

Make sure that your tabs are Main, Frame, Monster, Treasure in that order.

By the way, before anyone takes this too far, I’d highly recommend ditching the array of sprites for a mesh. It’ll be miles faster.

That’s awesome @Mark!!

Edit: sorry got it working. Very cool stuff.