Editor problem, please HELP

Dear forum Members, Simeon,

I have a problem with the editor. When the text (class) is about 380 lines (or more) all text what I typed in are printed doubled, next lines are duplicated on a strange way. Specially when I using the back space. The program is working!, but editing is impossible now.
So, this means, I can’t using Codea anymore for this program!

Please help, is this a known issue?
I have reset my iPad (iPad 1) but this was not the solution, is this a Codea problem?

Greetings, Dirk.nl

Hmmm, I’ve certainly had files much longer than that. Eventually editing can get slow, but haven’t seen those display issues.

However, there is something I’ve seen cause an issue – very long lines, specifically lines longer than display width. These sometimes cause following text to be messed up or doubled. Breaking these lines with a return clears up the problem.

Do you happen to have some long lines in your code?

It usually gets slow at about 700 on my iPad 2. Try putting some code into different tabs.

do you mean the issue that “enter” is inserting 2 new lines? this one is known. and @Mark is right, if the lines are too long they appear strangely.

Thanks Zoyt, Mark and Maxiking16,

I have seen the problem of the (too) long lines before. It was not the problem of too long text lines what I have seen
Inside a Class I had two functions. During inserting text in the first function I saw the same as when the lines where too long. Double text, text on the wrong place, but only on longer (not too long) lines.
When deleting of about 150 lines (in one step) I saw the same.
When deleting that 150 lines in smaller steps, everything was correct.
The Class is now smaller and I continued that piece of the program in an other Class.

I was lucky, every time after implementing/changing software I made a copy.
Maybe Simeon can investigate this, if he has time!

Greetings, Dirk.nl

Is it maybe a problem with updating of the editer screen, after inserting or deleting, when a lot of text lines are used?


It’s actually Apple’s fault. Their text boxes are slow. But TLL can improve it. Maybe the virtually split the code up into sections and only load the sections being viewed. But for now, use separate lines. :slight_smile:


@hartland I’ve seen this happen when lines are too long, too. I think it often seems to occur when a line is exactly the same width as the editor.

You may also be having an issue with the ‘text corruption bug’, as detailed in the Codea FAQ on this forum? Check the following:

Please go to Settings → General → Accessibility on your iPad and make sure the “Triple-Click Home” option is set to “OFF.” There appears to be a bug with Apple’s UITextView that causes input to be incorrectly reported when this accessibility option is set to “Voice Over” or “Ask.”

Hi Frosty,
Triple-click-button is (and was) off.
Some text lines were nearly screen witdh, but not longer.
I maked them a little bit shorter.

Thanks, Greetings

I have the same problem - new iPad iOS 5.1.1
Somehow text becomes corrupted - even the shortest ones - eg when tabbing one line the line BELOW copies random characters. Only what is displayed gets corrupted, not the actual file! If I go to example (uncorrupted) project and come back to my project it stays ok for some time.

Now also the editor (or whole codea, for that matter) has been starting to crash very often (when editing code)!

While I don’t know if it is the same text corruption issue I saw, but I discovered a slight corruption issue when using some non-english based keyboard layout characters. I used a couple items off the greek keyboard which then cause the visual display of the editor to slightly shift/warp some of the lines.

I was using Finnish Apple BT keyboard and no problems after removing it from settings - might be luck, might be the cause. Only problem now is that I cannot find any () {} [] from my kb :slight_smile: