Dubstep Music for Codea.

Has anyone experimented with developing dubstep/electronic music for use in Codea? If so, what program do you find most useful for Mac or iOS?
The best example of in app music I can find on the App Store is from HexSweep, and I am using that as inspiration to make my own music, but I can’t find any apps or programs that are for free.

Fl studio or Abelton Live you could make some really good electro there, but not many people are willing to fork over that much money. Are you looking for a cheap program, or is the price not an issue?

Monstercat has inspired me to look around for production software, and FL Studio looks very good. For my birthday I’m getting a cheap Windows laptop, FL Studio (Fruity Edition), and the Novation Launchpad S 64-Button Ableton Controller (comes with a “launchpad edition” of Ableton Live included), for a total of about $540 (my parents are helping).

I’m making music for a project of mine, and am using Beatwave for most of it. Most people think that you randomly tap and see what musical sound that you can make, but Beatwave is way more in depth and goes far beyond random tapping like people think. Once you learn how to use it to its full potential, you can make great game music. You can change keys and octives of the instruments as well as make patterns with multiple “grids”. It even has a built in recording feature to record your musical creations!
Now for the picing. Beatwave is almost completely FREE, the exception of this being that it does offer some in-app-downloads. But wait! Trust me, I hate in-app-downloads, but this is different! The in-app-downloads are fx and instruments (2 instruments are free to download), but there is one in-app-purchase that bypasses it all and gets you more. This being the “pro” purchase. The pro purchase is $10.00 (the same price of Codea) and gets you everything, as well as anything that comes in future updates. It is a great way to save time and money. To finish this (long) comment, I just want to say that I would highly recommend it. Even if you are unsure of it, it’s free! So try it out and see what you think.

@SkyTheCoder can’t wait to see what you can do @Rekneps I was also shocked to see the potential in beatwave.

@Rekneps. I might download Beatwave to try it out, seems like a nice program from what you say