Dropox "sync" outside the picker

i feel the need to sync the Dropbox folder without ticking a sprite(XX) to open sprite picker. Say i need to atach a sprite to a class object. I load the srpite to Dropbox folder on pc but to have it on ipad i need to sync. Every time i have to search for a sprite command to open the picker… perhaps a special key on keyboard?

+1 for me.

Good suggestion @PanosGR. Probably not for 1.5, but if you could log it as a feature request on the issue tracker it will help us keep it in mind for a future update.

I’ve been using my DropBox code to load from DropBox online, then saving it to the local Documents: folder as a workaround.

The picker is good for immediate ratification but eventually all images are stored as variables so I don’t end up using it.