Dropbox synchronize not stable...

Sometimes, some files are not accessible then they are on iPad…

Yeah, I’ve run into problems synching before - particularly when you leave the image selector during an update. A bunch of my files became corrupt but couldn’t pin it down to codea but I have my suspicions - now I make sure codea has fully synced Dropbox before leaving it.

For me, I’m sure codea has fully synced Dropbox before leaving the image selector, but when I will access to image, she are not recognize. I make a copy that a add, and re-synchronize, the copy are accessible, but not the original…

We will be changing the sync implementation in a future release, it should make it a lot more stable.

@Simeon thanks ! I expect that with impatience ^^

Hi guys! Just to add to the discussion, I’m facing problems with dropbox sync too, and had to stop using it. I imported like 20 sprites to dropbox folder, and used those all over the project. Then I pressed sync. After the sync, in Codea my dropbox folder is empty, my online dropbox folder shows me 4 images, and when I run the project it works as if all sprites where correctly placed in dropbox folder.

Hope to get that next release soon! Thank you.

@jpolito for the moment, i have implemented the dropbox api and i think about made my own sync function for dropbox. More info in near future.

Any further update on this? It’s been a year, and Codea synch is really broken on my iPad Mini (retina). It crashes every single time I try to synch, just after telling me I have 224 files to synchronise.

Hello @Madrayken !

I have made a very little DropboxAPI with which you can do this, but because there is no library for create or list directory (like LFS), I can’t make a “real” sync.

For the moment, you can rename files like this :
Codea/FilesToSync/myfile.png in Codea_FilesToSync_myfile.png.

I’ll try to write a tiny library this evening with a little documentation.

@madrayken go in to dropbox settings and remove codea as an app, make sure you backup your codea stuff first if you haven’t already (on something other than dropbox) then delete dropbox/apps/codea. Unlink dropbox from codea inside codea (pull out the right sidebar on home screen) then restart iPad and link dropbox from codea, this should work. If not there’s a tutorial someone else made on here to fix dropbox sync.

@Madrayken, and others :

I have post my little app named SyncDropbox on CC (CodeaCommunity).

If you don’t understand how use it, find an issue or just want comment it, don’t hesitate, you can contact me directly with a PM or post something here.

Have a good day !