Dropbox Sync

I was trying to check out @zapaper’s share of his Map Editor code here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wdpd32ozu2tfx58/terrain.zip by extracting it into my dropbox folder that Codea has access to. Every time I try to sync in Codea, it crashes.

Why not copy and paste the code into Codea?

It seems to crash whenever the sync encounters a non png file.

AFAIK The sync is there for asset (pic and sound) files, not data

It would be nice if it allowed folder hierarchies. It does not. Esp. folders labeled with suffixes, like Documents.assetpack.

I have text files (Ascii) that I sync between Codea to Dropbox. No problems with them.

Maybe Codea is confused by a folder with the “extension” .codea and is treating it like a file?