dropbox sync without wifi + sync again with wifi = lose all data

You can use ReadText certainly with the Dropbox folder in Xcode projects. The folder becomes an asset folder in your Xcode project (it’s no longer connected to your actual Dropbox). Presumably saveText works too? Check the recent thread though on issues with Xcode 7, if you haven’t already done so.

oh interesting, that would be a good way to save and load local data then?

I haven’t tried saving in an Xcode project, but loading certainly works.

Hi, I experience this problem too. I have to run my app with wifi off (to remove latencies introduced by network access on the ipad). I then have to turn wifi on, then do a Dropbox sync. If I (or the students running this project) forget to turn wifi on before Dropbox syncing there will be much gnashing of teeth when the collected data vanishes!

Is there any roadmap for a fix for this one? It doesn’t seem to be listed in the fixes section for Codea 2.3.2.

@sebjames @simeon

I’ve done a few test to find out what currently happens in that situation.

First, when codea attempt to sync dropbox.assets without wifi, it crashes. (At this stage the files are still there and can be retrieve using another software that can access the directories).

Next, when codea attempts to sync dropbox.assets with wifi turn on, codea is tricked into believing it should not have those files in the assets folder since whatever list it was using to keep track has been ‘corrupted’ by the crash, so it goes on and deletes the files.