DropBox or similar integration

Would it be possible to get linkage between files in Dropbox (or other cloud storage file system stuff!) and Codea (Codify :wink: )?
That might give a way of sharing code files relatively easily - as they can be considered as just text files :slight_smile:

Possibly a simple ‘packager’ tool to collect all the various files that a project uses and ‘zip’ them up (simple ascii or binary storage in a single file would be Ok - like Base64 Encoded Text attachments, even!) that could be emailed/dropboxed/saved/whatever. Of course this would also require a tool at the desktop computer end (Mac/PC) to unpackage them (and package other stuff to go back to Codea). Codea would also need to be able to unpackage files as well. The package format would be best as open format/source.

Just a couple of suggestions assuming that Apple don’t just shoot our hopes away. :wink:

Great App BTW.


We had .codea project import/export - Apple made them remove it. I can’t see dropbox being allowed until apple officially changes their policy.

Haha. Right. I forgot. How stupid of me :frowning: