Dropbox Images

Hello all,

First let me say that this product and this developer community is amazing and a lot of fun to work on. I take my ipad with me on long trips and it’s a blast to be able to write and run games on it. I make games for a living, and this allows me to make quick and easy prototypes.

The question is related to drop box. I’ve uploaded images there, and if I open the drop box app I can see them, but from the codea sprite picker I cant. The images were .BMP and I thought maybe it would only see .PNG so I converted one and I still don’t see it. Do you have any suggestions? Is there a naming convention or folder or something I need to put the files into?

Thank you for your help, and again thank you for this excellent product and community.

I suspect you possibly haven’t put your sprites in the right place in Dropbox.

After linking Codea to your Dropbox account, you need to put your artwork in the Apps/Codea folder - else Codea won’t see your sprites.

It might be worth pressing the ‘Sync’ button within the Sprite Picker to refresh your sprites from Dropbox as it won’t update automatically if you add any new ones :slight_smile:

Ah! Yes, perfect. Needs to be PNG and in the codea folder. Thanks!