Dropbox backup faulty

Hey guys,

First post here and I have to say I’m very glad to be part of the community right now. Your help has been awesome.

But as of now I need your help yet again because there’s something I can’t understand.

I’ve been setting up the backup system which can be found at https://codea.io/talk/discussion/2408/utility-automatic-backup-and-recovery-of-your-project-code

Somehow I got it to work nicely only once, since then everytime I try to backup a project I get this weird output :

MyProjectNameAsILike Ver 004 - backup made
ERROR - backup faulty

Any idea what may happening? Thanks in advance for even reading this question

@Kx85 The program you’re using is from 2013, 7 years old. I never used it so I can’t give you any help with your error. Normally you would get a response in a few hours for help, but it’s been about a day so far. I don’t know if anyone uses it since no one responded yet.

@dave1707 thanks for the reply
I was sure it is a weird question considering how old is the solution

As far as I’m concerned, I would really be greatful if you know a somewhat recent way to backup any project so I can get my projects on my PC

@Kx85 I have a backup program I wrote/use that will backup all of your projects in one file and save it to the Codea Dropbox folder. From the Codea Dropbox folder, you can sync that with the Dropbox app. If your PC is linked to the Dropbox app, you can put the file on your PC. The file is a text file so it can be easily read. Since it’s a single file of all your projects, to get a specific project extracted on your PC, you would edit the file and select/copy the text of the project you want. This program will also allow you to restore a single or multiple projects to your iPad if you delete a project by accident. I also used this program to put my 600+ projects on a new iPad. That took less than 5 seconds. I’ll find the discussion with it and post the link.

@Kx85 Here’s a link to my latest backup program.


PS. Codea also has a backup that saves your projects and other stuff in a zip file.

My program only saves the projects, it doesn’t save any assets or whatever your project uses.

@dave1707 That one looks awesome to be honest
I’ll give it a try. Does it save the projects on DB?

My goal is to be able to get my project on my PC (via DB) so that it is saved and safe

@Kx85 My program saves the file in the Codea Dropbox folder. You then have to go into that folder and do a sync. The sync then syncs it to the Dropbox app folder. From the Dropbox app you can send it to your PC if it’s linked with Dropbox.

@dave1707 Tested it and it works nicely! Thanks for the help, and also I’ve seen the output is quite editable! I mean if I can somehow make that code work on my PC (heard love2d could do it?) and edit it from here, using your backup system would allow back and forth between my iPhone and my PC (would require a bit of adaptation tho I guess or use the same file system maybe?

@Kx85 I’ve never sent the file to my PC. I guess you can modify the code within the file as long as you don’t mess up the special names I use to wrap the project and tab names. Have you ever copied one of your projects and emailed it to your PC. If you’re only doing one project, emailing back and forth could be easier.

@dave1707 Well I agree as long as you don’t modify the tags used for the backup. Now I need to find a way to use the codea project on pc. I’ve seen about loveCodea, what do you think about it? It looks deprecated tho?

@Kx85 I don’t know anything about loveCodea. I’ve only use Codea and before that it was iLuaBox Pro.

@dave1707 I’ve heard it uses love things but adapted to be able to run codea code, gonna have to dig a bit into that

Anyway thanks very much for the help!

@Kx85 Do a forum search for loveCodea. There’s a few discussions on it.

@dave1707 I’ve seen them, but looking at the Ghub reference, it’s about 5 years ago, for the 0.9 version of love.
So a new wrapper I guess would be necessary

Hi @Kx85 - couple of things you may be interested in:

  1. Probably best way to edit on PC/Mac would be Aircode but it is a little unstable. A recent thread by @HyroVitalyProtago (June 2019) was posted to note that he is working on a more robust Aircode with external editors - may be the best way forward. But, even as it is you can build your structure ( relevant tabs) on the iPad and edit them in a browser on PC/Mac. You can also cut and paste from them into an external editor to save on your PC/Mac. I did raise the issue of putting a run button on the browser rather than live coding as errors tend to break the connection.

  2. On the LoveCodea front - I still use it - made a few minor mods to it for my own use. Love 2D now up to version 11 including 3D routines. The 3D to date has been supplied by Love 3D. They are not covered by LoveCodea.
    I also struggled with using it recently as the authors have built in systems for coping with different screen formats (including retina) and the basis for graphic positioning in LoveCodea was no longer sound. I have managed a patch but I don’t know how robust it is.

Hey @Bri_G thank you very much for that feedback

  1. I’ve also looked a bit into Aircode and got the same feeling about it being unstable or even not showing every tab I made. Also I feel like it lacks the ability to create tabs or maybe I’ve not looked at it well enough but as of now it is a decent possibility to manually save a project on a PC

  2. I found out loveCodea works fine with some adjustment mostly about newly deprecated function or such and it seems to do the job. The only thing is I ran into a problem about my background colour when trying out a sample of newly created Codea tab and text drawing. Default background would somehow not work but changing the colour made it appear but this is another subject and will ask about it in a different discussion if I feel like digging into it

@Kx85 - yup, you need to add the tabs in your project on the iPad. You could build a multi tab template and store it in the latest Codea version and also add most of your usual defaults. Duplicate it with you new project name and fine tune/edit on your PC.

The default colour for the background, in draw() is black. If you run with a background() it is cleared every draw() cycle to your selected colour. No background() colour command in draw() results in the graphics drawn in each draw() cycle accumulating. Are you not setting background() in the draw() function.

Which version of Lovecodea are you using?