Drawing to image

In a game engine I am writing, I use the drawing routines to render all game elements. I am wondering if it wouldn’t be more efficient to render them once into a raster image and then just push the image around. In either case, it would be neat to be able to render to a raster image.

Codea has inspired me. Thank You!

Being able to render to an image with the regular screen drawing stuff (line() and so on has been discussed, and is on the radar I think.

Until then, check out my Pic library, which will let you do some of it now.


As a rule, a sprite is going to be slower than a line() or two - but if your graphics are complex, yes, pre-rendering them to an image then just using sprite() to draw it can save a ton of time. (the Sprite() call will draw an image() to the screen just fine)