Drawing question

I have a simple program that consists of many colored circles. When the radius of the circles is increased, the speed of the drawing also decreases - quite dramatically. What would be the reason for this? Sample can be found at http://jlslate.posterous.com/coloration

Warning, might cause seizures and/or headaches!

@jlslate are you on iPad 1 or 2?

Stroked circles are probably the least efficient primitives to draw going by number of operations-per-pixel. Followed by no-stroke circles. Generally you’ll find you get the largest performance hit by filling the screen with a lot of blended pixels, even if they overlap. iPad 2 is less susceptible to this slowdown as it has a much higher fill-rate.

We’re looking at improving the rendering speed in a future update. There’s a lot of room for improvement on our end, so we’re hoping these sorts of performance bottlenecks won’t be as prominent in the future.

I’m on an iPad 1. It really doesn’t effect what I am doing, it is just something I noticed. Thanks for the update.