Drawing from table

I was doing a little experiment with tables and the draw function. Basically I wanted to put the x,y into a table and then run a for do loop to draw rectangles from the table. The idea being I could then remove any given item from the table. I seem to be missing something and being a complete newbie to any type of coding I am sure it is something simple. Can anyone tell me why this doesn’t work? It only draws the last brick. I ran a print command while inserting into the table and it looks like they are all getting in there but it only draws one. What am I missing? Thanks in advance for you help.

function Bricks:init()
    -- you can accept and set parameters here
    self.block = {}
    self.position = vec2(-40,HEIGHT - 200)
    self.size = vec2(100,20)

function Bricks:makeBricks()
        for i = 1,10 do
        self.position.x = self.position.x + 100

function Bricks:draw()
    -- Codea does not automatically call this method
    fill(57, 0, 255, 255)
    for j,b in ipairs(self.block) do

Ok, I guess first I need to know how to post code on here

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your problem is that you are putting self.position into your table, and although you are changing the x value each time, all the entries in your table end up the same.

The reason is that Codea variables (like many/most languages) can only hold one number or a string of text. If you put anything else in a variable, what actually goes in there is the memory address (or “pointer”) of that thing, not the thing itself. And this applies to vec2.

So your variable self.position does not contain a vec2 , but the address of a vec2. And no matter how much you change self.position.x, the address of self.position stays the same. So you have put the same memory address into your table ten times, and hence the same value.

To make the values different, create a local x variable, x=self.position.x, and use that in your loop instead, increasing it instead of self.position.x. Then it works.

I have an ebook on Lua in the wiki link above, with a chapter on pointers if you want to know more.

@tomxp411 The code bit is in the FAQ which is the fourth discussion in the list on the forum with the title “FAQ -Please read”.

Ignatz you are rapidly becoming my hero! I have read your blog on pointers but somehow did not make the connection to vec2 and changing the variable. Thanks for your help and the great explanations. And keep up the great work on coolcodea. I am slowly working my way through it.