Draw a mesh as wireframe?

Anyone know how you would go about drawing a mesh as a wireframe? I want to draw the outline of the triangles which make up the mesh but not fill them.

Quickly, I remember a 3D mesh sin graph which was wireframe… I will get back to you…

Found it! here.

seems like it just uses an image with two triangles in, and sets the co ords over the two triangles… makes sense

.@Reefwing look in the beta thread and search for discard. I think I posted a shader that did a wireframe version of a mesh.

Thanks @Jordan and @Andrew_Stacey - I would have thought this would be more straight forward. I will give both methods a shot.

@Andrew_Stacy: Where is the beta thread?

.@UberGoober Codea has a smallish group of beta testers which includes ReefWing and myself. We discuss matters about beta builds here as it is convenient to have it all in one place. But as the discussions relate to things not yet in the main Codea app, and so could be confusing to others, they are “hidden”.

@Andrew_Stacey: thanks for explaining! Is there any chance you could provide a link to your wireframe example for non-beta folks?

Well, I could. But it wouldn’t work for non-beta folk because it uses stuff that’s only available in the beta build. There are some pretty amazing features coming (they’re no secret - look in the sticky thread about the features of Codea) but things do change in the beta because the first way of doing something isn’t always the best way so even if I post the code there’s no guarantee that once 1.5 comes along it’ll still work.

Thanks for explaining that too!

@Andrew_stacey, can you cut a video showing a wireframe? I’m especially interested to see if we can “see through” the item and see all the wires in the frame. It would be really nice to see the furthest wires slightly greyed vs. the closer ones being “brighter”.