Document your code! Exports Plain text, html, wiki, markdown, raw and creole

This will help with documenting of functions and code. Simply follow the format to document. All documentation will be displayed under its proper tab.

--This line is a header
--All other lines are bullet points

To generate a tab output call Document(“save_as”,“output type”)

Document("output", "html") -- accepts "plain", "html", "wiki", "raw", "markdown", "creole"
--if "raw" is used a table is returned

Wiki Example

HTML Example

Code Here

Sweet! This might come in handy. Thanks!

Glad you like it! I’ve added a raw export if you would like to format it yourself. More formats to come!

Very useful

@briarfox this is very good!
In plain trxt format i get this:

Document.plain.list = function(str)
   return "\\tâ?¢"..str.."\

did you really mean that, or is it problem of character format?

Nope should have been • I’ll fix it, thanks :slight_smile:

CC Didn’t like the character. Used * instead.

Also fixed the issue with it always used plain text. I removed Document from my library and made some changed but I realized i was still using my library version :\

Mmm… Maybe ‘raw’ should really be ‘table’ then?

what about ‘string’ returning a string?

Added “raw” which returns a table and does not write a tab.
Also added: “markdown” and “creole”