Displaymode() issues

I was trying to use Fullscreen mode but found some strange behavior. I drew a line(WIDTH/2, 20, self.position.x, self.position.y) where self.position = vec2(WIDTH/2, 150). In Standard view it’s working ok showing a vertical straight line. But in Fullscreen mode it’s showing a tilted line. Is it any bug or I am doing some mistake? And one more problem I had. In Fullscreen_No_Buttons mode I could not find a way to get back to code screen. I had to reinstall Codea and lost all my works :(. Lucky me I had a backup.

The documentation does warn that you can’t exit FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS without creating your own “exit” button to call close() @rashedlatif, however it also mentions that you can triple-tap-with-three-fingers to bring up the back button if you need an emergency exit.

You didn’t need to re-install though! You can simply double-tap the Home button on the iPad, touch and hold the “Codea” icon until a red line appears next to it to close the process, then next time you run Codea it would have started from the project browser.

I’m looking into the strange line bug you mentioned, will let you know.

Just checked your code.

line( WIDTH/2, 20, WIDTH/2, 150 ) looks the same to me in FULLSCREEN or STANDARD mode. It is straight.

Is it possible that self.position = vec2(WIDTH/2,150) was set in the setup function or before the call to displayMode? I think that there’s a bug that doesn’t set the WIDTH variable to that of the full screen until the first fullscreen draw.

Ah yes, that could be it. It’s fixed in 1.2.5 which is pending review.

I had another bug, sorry didnt check if already mentioned: in my code i use fullscreen with no buttons, everythign is fine, i tap corner of the screen for close() . When i go to another project which uses lower left buttons in fullscreen or in normal screen with left console, they never show up. I thought adding default screen mode like to every project but, it shouldn’t be it; since it returns to split screen by default only forgets lower left back-pause-play etc buttons.

Thanks for reporting that, @Reldonas. Sounds like a bug.

Here is a screenshot, when i return to another project from my original FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS buttons doesnt show up and there is no way to quit, so i have to kill codea.


@Reldonas - triple-tap the screen with three fingers. It should bring the buttons back. (So you don’t have to force quit for now.)

Edit: Just fixed this bug. It will be fixed after version 1.2.5 - because version 1.2.5 is already submitted and waiting for review.