Disappearing Discussion

Earlier today I was using a different computer than I usually do to check the Codea Forums and i noticed something peculiar; I was unable to find a discussion i created. Once i logged in as myself it showed up, however if i logged out it disappeared again… I tried also on another computer and it happened again. So, I’m a little worried. Has any one else run into this? Or are my discussions somehow private to only me…?

If I log out, I still see the discussions that I started, but they’re not highlighted in blue. When I login, the blue highlight is back.

The blue highlight tells you if it’s your discussion, so if you’re not logged in, it doesn’t know to highlight it. I haven’t gotten any disappearing discussions, though, but one time I noticed a discussion on the front page disappeared when I reloaded it about a minute later, without anything else getting new comments, so it couldn’t have been pushed back. And when I checked the profile of the person who made it, it wasn’t under their discussions.

@dave1707 it’s not that it isn’t highlighted anymore, it’s that it’s gone. I looked where it is (in between two) and when I log out its not there at all

was it in members olny?

It’s in Project Beta

Project Beta is only readable by people logged on to the forum.

Ahh that explains it. Thanks a bunch