Different output to external display


Just wondering if Codea can used to send different output to an externally connected screen on a ipad, like for example some Powerpoint style apps can?



@Amorphia I’m going to take a guess and say no but also yes. Not officially supported but with jailbreak very possible. Without jailbreak I’m not too sure if you can use apple TVs to show the iPad screen on a tv but I’m pretty sure there’s some third party programmes for mac/windows to have your iPad screen displayed on your pc screen.

I think what @amorphia is asking is can you make a Codea app designed to show one thing on the Apple TV, and another on the iPad. And the answer is no unfortunately, unless you want to go play with objective-c

That’s right JakAttack, that’s what I wondered. OK sounds like it could be tricky then. Thanks for the info.

@amorphia, out of curiosity, what were you thinking of doing with this functionality?

Reflector will stream it to your computer with no sound