Did the forum get an update?

I have to agree with you @SkyThe Coder, that the old theme was better.
If It was up to me it would be a grey in grey theme on a white background and only occasionally colors eg. The logo

@Simeon, don’t listen to these artistic Neanderthals. They know not of what they write. The art world has moved beyond skeuomorphic designs and embraced flat minimalism. It started when Microsoft chose a minimalist UI for Windows 8 to counter Apple’s over-the-top, faux-realism design philosophy. Now Apple has adopted the minimalist style as well (for iOS 7). So let’s keep Codea Talk artistically relevant (work with me here). The old Codea Talk was soooo last month. We need to think ‘unadorned.’ Think ‘Amish.’

Or you could just… not fix it if it ain’t broke. :slight_smile:

People always hate change. I got Codea and came here for the community and the coding, colour is for designers :wink:

@Ric_Esrey: You know nothing about our artistic background and our eyesight. I have had a couple eye surgeries and … doesnt matter in this content.

Anyway, I don’t have a definitive right way of approaching it, other than I think the struggle between artistic design and usability design of the forum is a healthy one to have, regardless of the outcome. The perfect solution for me would be an bright and and dark design like the ones for the codea code.

@Dado I believe Ric_Esrey was saying that tongue and cheek :slight_smile: It made me chuckle :slight_smile: I only care about all the nice folks that are so willing to help out. The community is the people and content. Whatever @simeon wants is fine with me. But again I have a horrible eye when it comes to design and color. I guess thats why my wife needs to step in when I make horrible clothing choices :stuck_out_tongue:

@Simeon - google search is infinitely better, however, when I click a result it opens a new window (not a problem) but without me logged into the forum (annoying). Anyone know of a way round this?

.@Simeon What happened to the “mark all read” link. I have just about every post that shows as not read going back 58 pages. It’s going to take a long time if I have to look at every one of them.

.@Simeon I just tried the Google search. The screen kind of whites out, but nothing happens.

@West That’s because the URL in the search is twolivesleft.com and you are logged in to www.twolivesleft.com and the cookies aren’t shared.

Simeon could fix this in one of a number of ways …

@dave1707 I will bring back the Mark All button

@West looking into the new window thing.

@Ric_Esrey will definitely change the code snippet background colour. That’s still using the default theme colour because I forgot to change it (only tested with the syntax highlighter).

@Andrew_Stacey thanks for the find. I will add the domain shortly.

@Ric_Esrey I like the color scheme, I’m just saying that after being used to darker things it was hurting my eyes.

@Dado, PMSL at coding in the dark with your missus next to you in bed!

I confess - I do the same. Had to change the Codea colour scheme to white text on black else id get it in the neck… literally.

Less bright tones would be good all round to prevent domestic nocturnal disputes :wink:

Cheers @Andrew_Stacey

I like the idea of a new look. I agree, that green doesn’t work. Try a darker one, in my opinion.
Also, I like the new Google Search feature.

@SkyTheCoder and @DaDo, my apologies–I was just poking fun. My post was actually a skeuomorphic tirade. None of it was designed to be part of a serious discussion.

The colourour scheme really doesn’t concern me. Codea Talk’s real value (for me) is the wonderful people and the vast amount of shared programming knowledge.

@Ric_Esrey Sorry, on places like forums it can be hard to tell when someone’s being serious or joking.

You’re right… I agree. I guess that’s why we have all of those emoticons available. :smiley: :expressionless: =) :open_mouth:

I wish they had support for emoji. I can’t ever find the emoticons I want…

Odd, I never noticed that emoji doesn’t work. It seems to strip everything after the emoji.

Edit: Tried an emoji plugin, it works, but causes issues with code parsing in pre tags so I had to disable it.

I wish the pinch and zoom would work. The small font is hard to read for my eyes.