default line width

It appears that the default line width in 1.2.5 is 0. Can anyone confirm?

Hmm I noticed that too. Strange, I’ll have to look into that.

Just checked the code and strokeWidth defaults to 0. Wasn’t it always zero?

I’ve just been looking at the docs and they don’t mention a previous default. Do you think it should be zero or something else?

I’m 90% sure it’s been zero, at least for a while; it catches me every time I start a new project. Thinking it should default to 1, frankly. Or perhaps just add that to the boilerplate code.

I guess it’s either - draw primitives like ellipses and rects as stroked by default, or lines are invisible by default.

I might add it to the standard project template like you say @Bortels. At least it keeps you aware of the setting.

The documentation for line says five pixels by default.

Ah I was just looking at that and didn’t see it. You’re right. I’ll make it default to 5 pixels in 1.2.6.

Hmm after some testing I’ve found that changing the default breaks too many existing user projects. So I’ve changed the default template to include a call to strokeWidth(5) instead.

And fix the documentation …

Yes. It won’t happen again.