Custom Audio Files

Are you planning on adding support for custom audio files, in the same way we can with graphics now?

I would love to have a play(fileName) command that would let me play MP3s (and other types of sound files).

Yes, it seems like a good feature to have, and now that there is Dropbox support it should be fairly easy to get them into Codea.

wav support would be wonderful.

Out of the box iOS supports MP3, Uncompressed WAV, Uncompressed AIF, and AAC (aka MP4a files) in either AAC-LC or HE-AAC profiles.

So Codea should be able to support all of those as soon as they add the ability to play a file

@JockM that depends on what audio system is used to play them. We don’t use the hardware accelerated path — it’s more useful for music playback than for game audio. We use an OpenAL based system.

Support for Audio copy/paste would be great.

Core MIDI as well as WIST (ala Bluetooth) would be right up my alley too.

What about using something like Cocos Denshion for the audio? It’s built on top of OpenAL, and it also has hardware support for music. I typically use the hardware audio playback for background music in my games, and play all of the SFX using software.

And as an add on I would love some callbacks and/or properties to pause, change the position, and get the position of an audio file.

In my current project I want to be able to play some background music for as long as the user is using the app. So loop the audio I have a Timer class that plays the sound again after the appropriate amount of time. This works but it is less than ideal, and is somewhat fragile.

@Simeon what is the status of this feature? Any eta?

@Gib music and sound features are finished (apart from some minor bug fixes). However, some major parts of Codea are being re-written for iOS 7. I’d like the next release to be iOS 7 native, so the new features will have to wait a bit longer.

oh nice! I just want you know know how you have gotten me back into trying to finish my game with Codea. I guess and old dog can learn new tricks, thanks for that ;). This SDK feels soooo…right :wink:

Yup. Looking forward to that!

@simeon the next codea update will support for ipad 1??
i bealive not but i nedd ask u .

@Luismi - I believe it will be hard for them to manage iOS 5,6, and 7 at this point, but I’m not going to put words in their mouths. It should be possible for them to still support iOS 5.

thanks @zoyt

Any chance of video playback coming soon?

@JakAttak - It’s not easy to add video to an OpenGL frame. Apple does not provide a method for easily playing a video. Simeon would have to write his own displayer.
This is the same reason text rendering was not initially included in Codea: There is no easy way to draw text into an OpenGL frame. You have to rasterize it, then draw it. You can see this when you attempt to draw a piece of text. The first frame you draw the text, your frame rate will drop temporarily while Codea rasterizes the text.
Anyways, that’s a little off topic. Sorry.