Custom assets

Does anyone know - is it still possible to upload custom sprite assets to the Codea app folder.
I’ve tried using the demo (OSx) version of iExplore v3.5.1.6 and it doesn’t like creating a folder there - I’ve also tried mounting the folder (use OSx Fuse) and although that works I get an error if I try and create a folder or copy some files across?

Also I want to add my own (.otf format) font, I can see that all the fonts are also stored in the app folder and I was wondering if I can just copy the file across or do I need to edit one of the plist files. From what I can see the font.plist files see to be binary not text - Is this possible?

Any help / advice gratefully received.

Oh - one other little thing I did notice (when using iExplore), I often tend to name my library projects (ones that other projects depend on) starting with a dot ( . ) so that they appear at the front of the project list - however they don’t show up in iExplore, probably because in OSX files that start with a dot are hidden by default, so I renamed them to start with an _ instead.

The following is a lesson I do with my students.

iExplorer has worked for all my students.

Thanks, I’ll watch that.
FWIW - I passed your playlist on to a friend that’s just getting into Codea.

@MrCoxall - I’ve watched the first few videos and they’re excellent for beginners, the pacing is a little slow for me but I still managed to dig up a few nuggets :slight_smile:

Did you ever manage to load in a custom font using this method?