Cursor Errors! [RESOLVED]

In the resent days I’ve been running into many cursor bugs where it places characters several places to the right or left of the cursor and its driving me crazy! X(. The bug seems to stay in what ever tab I’m typing in and the only fix is to restart the iPad, not just the app (iPad2).

Is there some fix to this?

If your line is too long, this can happen. If that is the problem, try to avoid making lines that have to wrap around

Although it happens almost always when the line is wrapped, It mostly happens when the line is only 10 or so characters big. Every once and a while restarting the iPad wont fix it and you have to copy the project, and then delete the old copy. Which is time consuming and wrecks my train of thought.

I doubt there’s a fix that I can do although I’m often wrong.

Anyone in the dev of Codea, please fix this in 1.5 so I can keep a full head of hair.

Thank you for your time

post it in the Issue Tracker at top

@Goatboy76 there are some fixes coming in 1.5.5 (soon) but there will be a complete fix later on.

Ok, sorry to bug you guys. Just wanted to make you aware of it.