Cross-platform Framework API; GitHub/DropBox; Refresh Project Button

Suggestions for my case.

I prefer to develop and test in notepad + + (windows). I only have one iPad and my wife and my daughter will not let me use it for a long period of time:)
I think this situation should be common in families …

Three possibilities:

  1. An abstraction of the platform (API) to be emulated on windows, linux and/or macosx. The community can help if the framework is open source.

  2. Integrate with DropBox, GitHub.

  3. A simple “Refresh project” button to use with Phone Disk or iExplorer saving directly from my pc.

Another question, it is intended to integrate some physics framework like Box2D or Chipmunk?

Codea for OS X would be awesome and will solve sharing problems (both sharing the iPad and sharing the codes). :slight_smile:

John actually has some exciting demos on his version of Codea – he’s started integrating Box2D. The toughest part is coming up with a simple API that works on the iPad on-screen keyboard.

+10 for Dropbox support :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

For cloud sharing, I prefer native iCloud support first, then Dropbox/Boxnet/similar services second.

I don’t think iCloud can share with other users though – only your other devices.

I have been thinking about adding Github support. It looks fairly straightforward. Figuring out a way to get Apple to allow it is the biggest issue of course.