Crillion - breakout puzzle game

This is an old little one from commodore. The first 20 levels and level editor available in the app.

I’m having too much fun with codea!

Source here:

This is really impressive! When the new version is out you could use the new saveLocalData() and readLocalData() to store user created levels. (You can also store project-specific data with saveProjectData() and readProjectData().)

I think a button (function call) and a toggle (boolean) parameter type are necessary after seeing your project and some of the others.

Edit: one thing that’s puzzling me is how you drew that little “restart” arrow in the top right corner.

ah, hadn’t thought about that but those. I’m assuming you mean buttons on the left frame of the screen where the other params are right? Would be useful indeed

And how about changing what shows up on that param frame after setup() has already been called? (I don’t know if it’d be useful in many situations, but would in this one for editor vs game modes)

edit: restart = ellipse() haha

and looking forward to storage. Too bad apple is taking so long on the review…

I thought ellipse, but you have a chunk cut out of it, how did you do that?

painted a rec over the part I didn’t want to show