creating assets

i’m a ways off from this, but please provide a bit of guidance on creating assets and asset packs, like the block people or castle kit objects.


@RonJeffries You would have to get a program that creates 3D objects. There’s some free ones that you can download and play with. I tried some but it was too much trouble and I wasn’t really after creating any 3D objects. I deleted them but I can probably find them.

Here’s the programs.
Sketch 3D

@RonJeffries I reloaded . It takes a little playing with things, but it’s easy to use. When you start it, use continue without account. After you create something, select menu and select export .obj for editing and select copy to Dropbox. Put it in the Codea folder if you have one. If you want, you can rename it in Dropbox. Then from Codea, do a sync from the Codea Dropbox folder. You should see the file in the Dropbox folder. Then use this code to view it. If you renamed it, change the Dropbox:export name.


function setup()
    -- use a model from  .obj
    assert(OrbitViewer, "Please include Cameras (not Camera) as a dependency")
    scene = craft.scene()
    m = scene:entity()
    m.model = craft.model("Dropbox:export")
    m.material = craft.material("Materials:Specular")
    m.material.diffuse=color(159, 187, 222, 255) = readImage("Surfaces:Desert Cliff Normal")

    viewer =, vec3(0), 600, 20, 2000)

function update(dt)

function draw()

So 3D things, at least, are .obj format? I think Blender can export .obj. Thanks! Now on to my next question … :slight_smile:

@RonJeffries we support Blender’s .blend files directly I believe. The 3D model formats supported by Craft models are obj, fbx, blend, and stl

Super, thanks!